Our Team has Tackled a Range of Challenges Including these Representative Examples:



Create supply chain diversity and lower costs for secure automotive electronics

  • Identify a strategy to neutralize dependency on proprietary solution
  • Define specifications
  • Identify solution sources and vet responses to RFP

Assure integrity of data for use in downstream AI and analytics outcomes

  • Identify vulnerabilities in chain of trust
  • Define solution set properties to close the vulnerability
  • Source development of solution

Define a mutual authentication for tolling application
Define a means to monitor connection and to calculate and store tolling obligation without connectivity

Define a range of market opportunities for value added dealership digital services for connected vehicles

Define market entry point for electric vehicle component solution

  • Define end-to-end requirements for toll collection.
  • Ensure data integrity (including the chain of trust).
  • Help write the RFQ, score the submissions, and select the short listed providers.
  • Use formal decision support systems
  • Create market assessment of US services opportunities for secure data and insurance services
  • Outline a range of business options and partners for each option
  • Perform multi-layered market analysis (OEM to components)
  • Identify market entry and product solution sets
  • Perform make-buy assessment and develop partnerships


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